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Rental Agreement

EQUIPMENT: All bed linen and towels are provided including beach towels.

POOL: The pool is cleaned regularly by a company we employ. They will try not to disturb your holiday in any way, but it is for your safety that this work is carried out.

 These are provided to help you with your luggage allowance and weight. It is therefore important that they are washed prior to your departure and be available for the following guests. A charge of £30 will be made and deducted from your breakage deposit if this is left to us to do.

BBQ´s: These should also be cleaned thoroughly before your departure. Because cleaning them can take up quite a lot of time for the cleaner, a charge of £30 will be made if this has to be carried out by our cleaners.

INTERNET: We know how important it is that internet is available and we have tried to ensure that all our villas have some form of internet. Please be aware that in this part of Spain, not every house has a telephone land line and alternative systems are used. These often involve an antena located on the roof of the villa, receiving a signal from a nearby transmitter. Consequently, most villas have a restricted amount of data which can be downloaded. Also in the summer season, because of an influx of people into the area, this has an impact on speed and in some cases the internet can become intermittent. Generally our villas are pretty reliable but we do ask that you understand that the internet connectivity may not be what you are used to.
We do request that you do not use the internet for streaming data that involves high volumes of GB.
If we receive a report informing us of such activity and a consequential cost because limits have been exceeded please be aware that this cost will be passed on to you.

DIRECTIONS AND KEYS: These are located in a key safe and prior to your departure you will be provided with directions and appropriate instructions.

SECURITY: We would ask all tenants to make sure that they secure the villa by locking the windows and doors everytime they leave the villa.

CLEANING / LAUNDRY: If your holiday is for two weeks, your linen and towels will be changed after the first week. Guests are asked to maintain the cleanliness of the villa throughout their stay.

CANCELLATION: Cancellations must be notified in writing by the party leader. Upon receiving notice from you, we will do our best to re-let the villa for the period concerned and if the re-let is successful, we will refund all monies received, less £25 (to cover expenses). If however, we have been unable to find a new client, and it is only 9 weeks or less to departure, please appreciate that because we may have already declined bookings for the period in question, we must insist that the entire amount be paid. If cancellation is made between 9 and 12 weeks, then only 50% of the villa cost is to be paid. Before 12 weeks, you will only lose the deposit.

THE ACCOMMODATION: The accommodation is for the use of the clients shown on the booking form only and sub-letting is prohibited. Assignment will only be permitted after prior agreement. This will be possible where the client wishes to cancel the original reservation. The property states a maximum number of people and it is not permitted to bring anymore people to the villa than this number. Children are included in this number

SECURITY DEPOSIT: A £200 deposit is to be paid at the same time as the final payment is made. Where we consider that the breakage/damage or loss to property is as a result of undue negligence, we reserve the right to retain this deposit to cover the cost of repair/replacement. If the villa is left in a seriously bad condition we reserve the right to deduct an amount from the deposit to pay for extra cleaning costs.

We request that any incident is reported to us as soon as possible in order that the following clients are not inconvenienced and contact telephone numbers will be found in the villa. Obviously, if a small low value item is damaged such as a glass or plate, this will not be deemed as undue negligence.

PROBLEMS: The villa will have details of whom to contact in the event you should have a problem. If it cannot be resolved on site, please contact the number on this booking form and we will ensure that every effort is made to resolve the problem.

PERSONAL POSSESSIONS: All personal possessions remain at all times, the owners’ risk.

PAYMENT: Payment, which will include the “security deposit”, should be made no later than 9 weeks before departure. If payment has not been received (as a result of a possible oversight on your part), we will contact you. However, if payment has not been received within a further 7 days, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation and levy the cancellation charge as described under “CANCELLATION” above.

CHANGEOVER DAYS: The accommodation must be vacated by 10.00 am on the day of departure, to allow for the property to be prepared for incoming clients. You are also advised that the villa will be available on the day of your arrival no earlier than 4.00pm.

FORCE MAJEURE: In the unlikely event of it being necessary for us to cancel your reservation through circumstances beyond our control, (such events may for example include, but not limited to Civil Disturbance, Strike, or other Industrial Action, Acts of Government, Acts of God, War, Failure of Public Supplies etc.) we shall refund all monies paid, and this shall be the limit of our responsibility in this respect. 


  • If garden furniture / umbrellas, towels, etc. are found to have been taken from the premises, to for example, the beach.
  • Failure to vacate the villa before 10.00 am on the day of departure.
  • Damage to any part of the villa or its contents as a result of undue negligence.
  • If the villa is left in an unreasonable state to the extent that extra cleaning has been necessary.
  • If it is found that more people than the permitted maximum number allowed have been staying at the villa, the breakage deposit will not be refunded.